Why Eating Fat Is ACTUALLY Good For You! (Fat Is Necessary For Weight Loss) | Dr. Nick Z.

By | February 18, 2019
Why Eating Fat Is ACTUALLY Good For You! (Fat Is Necessary For Weight Loss) | Dr. Nick Z.

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Does Fat Make You Fat | Must See Research! is a video that focuses on the truth about fat and the research that backs it up.

There is a huge misconception that if you eat fat that you are somehow going to gain a whole bunch of weight and get fat. Large organizations and health institutions have fed the public this belief system for many years. Can fat make you fat and cause heart disease? Or is it really the carbs make you fat that we should be concerned about. When pairing a high fat high carb diet you will have a recipe for disaster, but high fats alone have proven to be pretty healthy.

Are saturated fats good for you is also a common question people ask. I recently had a patient in my clinic concerned that they were going to have clogged arteries and a high risk of heart attack as a result of eating too much fat from the ketogenic diet I was recommending to them. I assured this individual that all these studies have been debunked and there is no concern of an increase in disease as a result of eating too much fat.

Eat fat for weight loss is a funny concept when you think about it. But once again, the research is on our side when it comes to this topic. Multiple studies have been done on high fat foods and proven that they do in fact support weight loss. Its really that simple, eat fat lose fat is a real thing and many people can attest to this.

The health benefits of saturated fats include weight loss, nervous system health, cellular health and a decrease in inflammation. I personally find that when people have insulin insensitivity and blood sugar imbalance they can increase their healthy fats and find that they don’t crash as much. As a result you can eat fat lose weight and be much healthier and feel better overall.

Some people have asked how much fat should I eat per day and the answer to that is quite simple. I recommend finding a free online keto calculator that will help you determine not only your daily fat intake, but also your total calorie, protein and carb intake as well. Does fat make you fat is a simple concept that has been debunked numerous times. Thanks for watching,


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