​Why 92% of People NEVER Get Abs

By | August 20, 2023
​Why 92% of People NEVER Get Abs

These mistakes are why most people never get their abs to show and pop. Some of the reasons you can’t get abs have to do with genetics and others have to do with your six-pack ab workout and diet plan. Find out how to get bulky blocky abs that pop through the skin and show in any lighting.
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Only 8 percent of men in America have visible six-pack abs according to an estimate based on research from the fitness institute of America. Other studies such as those conducted by the American Council on exercise have estimated that it can be as high as 10 percent, but there’s also data that shows that most American men actually have too high of a body fat percentage to see visible ab definition with only 3 to 5 percent of the population maintaining a body fat percentage between 6 and 13 percent (1). This is considered a general range where your body fat is sufficiently low enough to have your abs pop and show. Now the bottom line truth is almost everyone watching this video can get abs, but most people make major mistakes that prevent them from ever seeing well-defined abdominal muscles.

And the first issue is that most people are too impatient. Like I said seeing your abs requires you to maintain a relatively low body fat percentage, usually under 13 to 15 percent. And unfortunately, very few people ever get their body fat percentage that low. If you have a layer of fat covering your abs you’re not going to be able to see a six-pack. And this comes down to an issue of patience because the belly area is one of the last spots to release fat since it’s your center of mass so it doesn’t cost much energy for your body to maintain the fat around your stomach. That’s why you’ll see fat reduction from your face, arms, and legs long before you see it coming off your midsection. The only solution is to stick to a calorie deficit for long enough to ultimately reach that stored belly fat. This is where patience comes into play.

Many people get demotivated when they’re not noticing fat loss around their abs, and that makes them start to slack on their diet or quit entirely. Instead, if you just keep plowing forward and you stick to a calorie deficit made of healthy foods your body will eventually start pulling from the fat that sits around your abs. This can take months of consistent work, and every time that you lose motivation or faith that you are making progress and you quit your diet plan you wind up setting yourself back big time because even though the belly area is one of the last spots to go, it’s one of the first spots that your body prefers to store fat when you gain it back by binging or giving up on your diet. So if you want to see your abs commit to staying in a calorie deficit and eating right until your body fat percentage is low enough. 

And this actually leads to another major issue, not continuously readjusting your diet plan as you burn fat and get leaner. Most people calculate their calorie deficit once when first starting their diet plan, but as you stick to that calorie deficit and lose fat many things will begin to change. It’s counterintuitive to think that simply carrying around more body fat actually boosts your resting metabolic rate, but think about it if you’re carrying an extra 20 pounds everywhere you go, it’ll make all non-exercise-related movements consume more energy. In the process of losing fat you may also lose some muscle and something known as adaptive thermogenesis will also set in playing an impact on a slowing resting metabolic rate.

So when you hit fat loss plateaus which given a long enough timeline you definitely will, you have to adjust your calories and macros to continue burning body fat. Even if a calorie calculator is telling you that you’re eating 500 calories below maintenance every day and that you are in a calorie deficit, that calculator could be completely wrong. And the way you know if it’s wrong is by evaluating if you’re burning fat or not. If you’re not losing inches and you don’t see any progress in the mirror for weeks or months, but you’re also not gaining any body fat, then that literally means that your current diet is keeping you hovering at maintenance. Even if you lost fat with this diet plan originally it is now your new maintenance set point. So to fix this you should try reducing your diet by another 200 to 300 calories per day each time you hit a plateau for a few weeks. Then evaluate a few weeks later. And repeat this process every time you hit a plateau. It’ll likely take multiple adjustments to reduce your body fat low enough to see six-pack abs. 

And speaking of six packs another potential issue that I have to mention which is the only one that’s outside of your control is genetics. Some people physically cannot get six-pack abs because of the way their rectus abdominis is shaped. The rectus abdominis is the external layer of ab muscle that we…