Vitamin C Flush Benefits | Fasting Approved

By | January 27, 2019
Vitamin C Flush Benefits | Fasting Approved

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Vitamin C Flush Benefits | Fasting Approved is a video that teaches on how I use a vitamin C Flush while fasting.

Vitamin C Flush results are pretty incredible. I have used this as a way to flush out the colon for many years. When people use this they flush out candida, bacteria and all kinds of gross stuff living in the gut. Vitamin c flush reviews have always been positive in the way they make people feel and benefit it has to offer.

The vitamin c flush protocol start with taking 1-2 thousand mg of vitamin c every hour until the you reach bowel saturation point. At this point you will get watery stool and the flush is over. You stop the flush at this point and reap the benefits. It really is that easy to perform a vitamin C flush. The one thing that is important to note is that if you are sick you may need to take more vitamin c in order to reach saturation point.

Buffered vitamin c benefits is going to be the best option for doing the vitamin c flush because it include alkalizing minerals that will make the vitamin c less acidic and not be harsh on the gut. The buffered vitamin c is simply mixed with water and drank until bowel saturation point is reached. The vitamin c is great for the cleanse itself but also key in providing incredible overall health.

Vitamin C flush is very powerful for flushing out candida, biofilm, parasites, and ultimately acts as a powerful colon cleanser. You can use this method while eating or fasting. I like to use it at the end of a fast because the candida and unwanted bugs living in the gut are our susceptible to being removed post fasting.

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