TOP KETO MISTAKES: Common Keto Mistakes That Make Your FAT! | Dr. Nick Z.

By | January 6, 2019
TOP KETO MISTAKES: Common Keto Mistakes That Make Your FAT! | Dr. Nick Z.

Ketogenic Quick Start Guide:

Top Keto Mistakes | Don’t Mess This Up! is that video that highlights many of the issues I see people face while following the ketogenic diet.

Common keto mistakes can stop you from achieving your health goals without question. So many people start the ketogenic diet and make mistakes that negate all their hard work. The keto diet takes a lot of effort to make sure your doing it right and its always unfortunate when people are putting the effort in but not seeing results due to simple mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Keto meal prep is very important. It allows us to not only plan our macros accordingly, but it also allows us to make good choices ahead of time and avoid potential situations where we may be tempted to eat food that doesn’t fit into our diet regiment. Sitting down with some good keto recipes and doing a little meal prep can go a long ways.

Ketogenic diet mistakes are more common than one may think. You first need to make sure your getting enough water as your body will flush water more-so than usual because insulin levels are so low. It is also important to realize that while you are flushing water you are also flushing electrolytes. Adding a little extra water into your routine and then adding in some electrolytes will be a big step in the right direction for you. These common ketosis mistakes may seem simple but they will throw off all your hard work. Using a ketone blood reader is important too. Lets say that you are doing something that is sabotaging your results, you would never know about it unless you were actually testing. Use a meter to test blood ketones and it will tell you if your on the right track or not.

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