The Ketogenic Diet: Confusions & Details When Doing Keto & Different Types | Dr. Nick Z.

By | July 17, 2019
The Ketogenic Diet: Confusions & Details When Doing Keto & Different Types | Dr. Nick Z.

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Types Of Keto Diet | Confusion Made Clear is a video that describes the different style of ketogenic diet and why you may want to follow them.

The different types of keto diets is a confusing conversation for many people. Most people are unaware that their are different types of keto diets and as a results they have conflicting information that all runs together which in some cases can lead to failure of the diet altogether.

The cyclic keto plan is one that many athletes like to follow. You simply go in and out of keto throughout the week and it makes being an athlete a little easier. Intermittent fasting is your friend during cyclic keto in order to help you get right back into ketosis.

High Protein keto is often used by body builders who are looking to increase muscle mass through adding in lots of protein. This is certainly a great option for those who are serious about keto and also are looking to put on lean muscle.

Targeted keto for athletes is truly an amazing plan for those who are serious athletes doing long distance running or putting in some serious work. The carbs really boost exercise performance and offer much benefit for the keto athlete. I am a big fan of this plan as someone who loves the keto diet but also an exercise enthusiast.

This keto diet for beginners video will really help you navigate the ketogenic diet especially when first starting off. Originally when I was first introduced to the keto diet I know that this was confusing for me and a lot of people shared mis information in the topic. Hopefully this is clear to you and you are able to implement the keto diet that fits you best.


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