Still Fat On Keto | What Nobody Told You

By | June 19, 2019
Still Fat On Keto | What Nobody Told You

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Still Fat On Keto | What Nobody Told You is a video that gives you a detailed guide when you are not seeing fat loss results on the ketogenic diet.

A lot of people can’t lose weight on keto because they don’t have an understanding of some of the major factors that can blunt weight loss while following the ketogenic diet. I find that once people realize some of the different mechanisms that control weight loss while on keto, and take control of these factors, they start to see great results. Once you have to basics down it is simply some fine tuning.

If your not losing belly fat on ketogenic diet then the first thing that may be occurring is metabolic instability. This instability will not permanently blunt weight loss but it will certainly cause them to come slower and take longer. This is a time to be patient and understand that healing takes time. So stick to your good habits and don’t let that get you down.

If you have no weight loss on keto you may have to lower your carbohydrate intake because you are consuming too many. Going to 20 grams or less of carbohydrates is very beneficial at this time with most of the carbs coming from vegetables of course.

Another keto diet for beginners trick is that you want to make sure your fat intake is not too high. If you are consuming too much dietary fat your body will burn that for energy and not the fat on your body. So cut back on the dietary fat you you can burn that unwanted fat on your body to be healthy.

The next ketogenic diet fat loss tip is that you need to be moving. As little as a 30 minute brisk walk a day can drastically improve your health and and wellbeing and more importantly it will help you burn fat while in ketosis. Exercise and the ketogenic diet is a fat burning combo like you have never seen.


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