ONLY 3 Supplements Needed to Build Muscle

By | August 17, 2023
ONLY 3 Supplements Needed to Build Muscle

Countless supplements promise to get you bigger stronger muscles, but in reality, you’re just flushing money down the toilet in the form of expensive pee. So here are the only 3 supplements that you need for faster muscle growth.

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Number one is creatine because it’s been proven to improve power, strength, and athletic performance. It’ll also make your muscles appear larger because creatine draws water into your muscle cells. Not only does this give you a fuller look, but it actually promotes muscle growth by placing pressure against muscle cell membranes which gets perceived as a threat, triggering anabolic signaling and boosting protein turnover rate.

Second is a good pre-workout supplement or simply coffee. This will give you energy to squeeze out extra reps and lift heavier which creates progressive overload the most potent muscle building stimulus. Just use pre-workouts sparingly on heavy lifting days or else you’ll build a tolerance and reduce the positive effects.

Third is vitamin D, which you only need to take to boost testosterone if you’re in a cold environment and don’t get enough sunlight. Lastly, protein powder is of course fine, but it’s unnecessary if you’re already getting enough protein from food.