One Meal A Day And Electrolyte Balance | Very Important!

By | July 31, 2018
One Meal A Day And Electrolyte Balance | Very Important!

Electrolyte Energy Drink:

One Meal A Day And Electrolyte Balance | Very Important! is a video covering the signs and symptom of electrolyte imbalance while on OMAD.

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I have followed one meal a day for a long period of time utilizing a low carb diet and also intensive exercise. This over time has caused me to have severe electrolyte imbalance causing me to experience about every symptom I mention above.

One meal a day has so many health benefits but electrolyte imbalance is almost inevitable. That is why beyond taking a multi-vitamin, I formulated my electrolyte balancing energy drink that offers you smart energy with specially patented caffeine and is rich in vitamins and electrolytes, ATP Octane. These key nutrients are needed during the OMAD experience.

One meal a day diet causing electrolyte imbalances can in many cases cause some serious concern over your health. Experiencing arrhythmias as a result of low electrolytes is something that is a bit scary, as one might think there is something seriously wrong, but the truth is its a simple electrolyte balance issue.

The most important electrolytes while on OMAD are potassium, sodium, and magnesium. These three electrolytes are the most common electrically charged minerals that we become deficient in while on one meal a day intermittent fasting.

Electrolyte balance is crucial while on one meal a day otherwise you can experience many symptoms that will make you feel absolutely horrible. Be sure to implement this information and take it seriously because OMAD is a very beneficial and enjoyable experience as long as you know the details on how to navigate it safely and correctly.

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