MCT Oil | A Complete Guide

By | May 26, 2019
MCT Oil | A Complete Guide

MCT Powder (research Cited):

MCT Oil | A Complete Guide is a video that teaches on the science behind MCTs so that you can know how to use MCTs to improve your health.

MCT Oil Benefits in many cases are laid out for us in an unscientific way that is misleading. I find so many low quality MCT Oils that are making wild claim that are based based on the research done on high quality MCT Oil. Like everything, there is always a difference between MCT products. The amount of capric and caprylic acids will be different, the process in which its made will be different. So with that said first realize that MCT Oil has great benefits but not all MCT Oil will offer these benefits as it is low quality.

You first question is probably what is MCT Oil? It essentially is a high dose of medium chain triglycerides that have been taken from in many cases coconut oil. These medium chain triglycerides offer more health benefits that the long chain triglycerides also found in coconut oil. The benefits of MCT Oil include weight loss, improved brain function, fast energy for the body, improved physical and cognitive performance and many more very beneficial ways to improve your health.

The MCT Oil benefits keto in a huge way. This is because the MCTs can easily be converted into ketones in the liver and also because they are a fast fat fuel that can be quickly utilized by both the brain and the mitochondria. So basically the MCTs are an incredible fat fuel that highly support the ketogenic diet lifestyle.

How to use mct oil in coffee is a big question many people have as well. I personally prefer the powdered MCT Oil simply because its faster to use and doesn’t cause a big mess. The oil version must also be blended in whereas the powder can be mixed in with a spoon. So simply pull the powder out of your pocket and dump it in the next time you go to your favorite coffee house and enjoy all the benefits MCT Powder has to offer. MCT Oil Coffee is not only delicious but highly beneficial to your health.

MCT Oil Weight Loss is the last topic I will discuss but an exciting one none the less. Mct oil shrinks the waste by increasing your metabolism, promoting fat burning and improving digestion.


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