Lose Weight With These Healthy Fats! (Keto Approved) | Dr. Nick Z.

By | February 13, 2019
Lose Weight With These Healthy Fats! (Keto Approved) | Dr. Nick Z.

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Top Healthy Fats | Keto And Weight Loss Approved is a video that shares with you some of the top dietary fats used on a healthy high fat eating plan.

Healthy fats for keto or on a low carb diet are important to identify because as you may know, not all fats are healthy. Some of them drive inflammation in the body and cause more harm than good. Healthy fats are great for so many reasons. They support weight loss, and a good healthy functioning nervous system.

Healthy fats for weight loss is an interesting topic. When you look at all the weight loss associated with healthy fats in the research there is one message that rings true again and again. Eating dietary fats causes people to eat less and and feel more satiated. So they ultimately consume lesser calories and find the weight starts to melt off.

Healthy fats to eat start with the plant based ones like avocado. Avocado has rich fat content that exceeds and other plant based fat. I love adding in avocado on a daily basis to my health routine. It allows me to eat good healthy plant based fats that skyrocket my health. It is one of the best healthy fats for keto. Next plant based healthy fat that I love is coconut oil. It truly is a great option that is well known for many researched backed health benefits.

Healthy fat sources should always be readily available in your home. For many years these fat sources have been demonized claiming they cause heart disease and cardiovascular complaints. The truth is that this research has been disproven and we now know that healthy fats decrease inflammation, support a healthy functioning nervous system and nourish every cell in our bodies. Healthy fats are important for overall health and wellbeing.

Dairy products are also a good source of healthy fats for some people. Everyone is not equal in these cases because some people are intolerant to dairy. When we look at fats for health in general dairy like butter, milk, cheese and yogurt is just fine for the average person.

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