Is Ketosis & the Ketogenic Diet Dangerous? – Everything You Need To Know About Keto | Dr. Nick Z.

By | January 23, 2019
Is Ketosis & the Ketogenic Diet Dangerous? - Everything You Need To Know About Keto | Dr. Nick Z.

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Ketogenic Diet Healthy Or Not | The Hard Truth is a video that highlights many common misunderstandings as to whether or not keto is healthy.

Is the ketogenic diet healthy is a common question that we get often. Many people say the ketogenic diet is unhealthy as a blanket statement and that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are certainly many reasons as to why the ketogenic diet could be unhealthy but in general the average person does very well with it. So lets get into the many ketogenic diet health benefits.

The ketogenic diet and cancer is a important topic. Simply because following the keto diet has been found to starve out the cancer making it a viable solution as a diet that supports fighting cancer and avoiding it in your future. The keto diet is also a anti-inflammatory diet which is very important for avoiding not only cancer but also health conditions like insulin resistance. The ketogenic diet and insulin resistance is a great combo as the blood sugar and insulin levels are driven down while on the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet and diabetes is also a important topic to consider. So many people have reversed diabetes on the keto diet after being told they would have it forever. Personal testimonials are all over of people who have gotten their life back as a result of the ketogenic diet while suffering from diabetes.

Many people are concerned that the ketogenic diet will raise your cholesterol and that is a concern that takes a deeper understanding. When we look at cholesterol it is important to understand that its not cholesterol alone we need to worry about, but rather what is happening with the cholesterol. We need to consider partial size, inflammation, ratios of LDL and HDL, only then can we have an intelligent conversation about cholesterol.

The ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting are a great combo that we should aways consider as well when trying to achieve any higher state of health.

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