Electrolyte Imbalances & Their Causes/ Symptoms: MUST WATCH | Dr. Nick Z.

By | May 12, 2019
Electrolyte Imbalances & Their Causes/ Symptoms: MUST WATCH | Dr. Nick Z.

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Causes Of Electrolyte Imbalance | Must See! is a video that teaches on how most people drive themselves into an electrolyte deficiency.

Electrolyte imbalances are an issue that face many people today. Unfortunately when you have this issue, electrolyte imbalance symptoms arise and alter life as you know it. The symptoms can be anything from heart palpitations to simple muscle twitches. The symptoms are quite concerning but all come from a very simple imbalance in your bodily electrolytes.

Electrolyte replacement is a necessity at this point. Based on the causes of electrolyte imbalances in regards to your particular case you may have to infuse electrolytes into your life long term. For instance if you are eating a low carb diet, running long distance, and drinking purified water, you can cause a deficiency that will last long term like I did with myself. I use an electrolyte powder daily in order to help me feel better and improve my quality of life.

Electrolytes and fasting are a particular area of concern for most people who are trying to fast and not find themselves struggling through the process. If fasting you will want to add in electrolytes. You will feel immensely better and make the fast much more comfortable.


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