Electrolyte Deficiency Symptoms | Don’t Make This Common Mistake

By | September 16, 2018
Electrolyte Deficiency Symptoms | Don't Make This Common Mistake

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Electrolyte Deficiency Symptoms | Don’t Make This Common Mistake is a video that offers you practical advice and questions that you can ask yourself to determine if you have an electrolyte deficiency.

Electrolyte deficiency symptoms can be very difficult to deal with. They can cause a array of symptoms that are quite extraordinary in nature. These symptoms can be as simple as a muscle twitch to as scary as heart palpitations. Electrolyte balance in the body is crucial for you to feel well. When your electrolyte balance is off you literally feel like your health could slip away at any time.

I put myself into a severe electrolyte deficit simply because I was unaware of the amount of electrolytes I needed to function on a daily basis. Between the ketogenic diet, fasting, and heavy exercise, I completely depleted my electrolyte levels. I was making efforts to increase my electrolyte levels through consuming sea salt, and taking a multi vitamin but it wasn’t enough and I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t coming in anywhere near to the amount I needed on a daily basis. The reason this happened was because at the time there were no endurance athletes combining all of these lifestyle strategies together so the information wasn’t out there.

Electrolyte imbalance symptoms are all described in the video and should not be taken lightly. A simple muscle spasm can be as simple as a muscle spasm. But a muscle spasm to the heart can mean death. I believe electrolyte imbalances should be taken seriously and not overlooked.

I recommend my electrolyte powder to those who are serious about replenishing their electrolytes. This electrolyte replacement drink tastes great and not only offers you more electrolytes, but also B vitamins, powerful antioxidants and sustainable energy.

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