Egg Diet Plan | Bad or Good?

By | March 15, 2019
Egg Diet Plan | Bad or Good?

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Egg Diet Plan | Bad or Good? is an interesting topic that I want to cover in detail in order to give some practical thought to this new fad.

The egg diet for weight loss can certainly help you with those goals to lose a few pounds, but is it a good idea? The problem with the egg diet is that it does not offer a good array of nutrient dense foods. It simply offers the nutrition that eggs have to offer which is good, but not sufficient. I think the egg diet is a good gateway to a healthy diet but by no means is a solution for a healthy diet. Those who are using it as a long term diet system are simply doing it as a lazy way to eat healthy.

The egg diet keto is typically used in order to drive those who are on the ketogenic back into ketosis when they fall out. Once again it can be used as a short term solution but not as a long term ketogenic diet solution. In most cases when you search the internet the egg diet results are quite incredible but once again I don’t believe in it as a long term solution for any diet.

Egg fasting diet is when you east nothing but eggs for a period of time. Im not a fan of this at all simply because regular bone broth fasting, water fasting, or pretty much any other type of fasting would be preferred by me. Eggs are a food that can easily become highly intolerant by the immune system. So stuffing yourself with eggs for a long period of time is never a good idea by me. Egg diet plan to lose weight is a solution only short term, but not long term.


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