Can’t Lose Chest Fat? Do THIS!

By | August 31, 2023
Can't Lose Chest Fat? Do THIS!

Chest fat can make you feel unattractive, unconfident, and uncomfortable in your own skin. So here are 3 tips to lose those man boobs. Find out exactly how to lose chest fat fast without the bs or fluff.

First, you need to limit foods that can potentially raise your estrogen like foods high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, and excessive soy and alcohol consumption. The hops in beer for example can increase aromatase activity which is an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen leading to feminizing effects.

Second, reduce body fat by creating a sustainable calorie deficit. Any extra fat that you have is metabolically active tissue that produces more estrogen. By maintaining a calorie deficit your body will draw energy from the fat on your chest as well as other fat storage sites helping reduce chest fat.

And third train your chest with exercises like bench press, pushups, and flies. Even though these exercises won’t burn chest fat they will build the muscle underneath, lifting the chest up, creating a more shapely appearance. Following these steps should work very well because most men have pseudogynecomastia¬†a condition where fat accumulates around the chest, resembling breast tissue but, it’s caused by a high body fat percentage, rather than true gyno