8 Reasons Your Biceps Are NOT Growing

By | February 26, 2023
8 Reasons Your Biceps Are NOT Growing

If Your Biceps Just Won’t Grow watch this video to learn how to break through a bicep muscle-building plateau. Whether you want to build your bicep peak or simply get bigger arms you will learn the common mistakes holding you biceps back from growing.
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your biceps are¬†one of the primary muscles that¬†instantly showcase¬†that you do in fact work out regardless of what you’re wearing. This is why biceps and abs are on the forefront of most guys minds when they first start working out. But if you’re making a few very common mistakes your biceps are not going to grow much past that initial newbie gains period.¬†
And one of the biggest reasons that you might be stuck with bicep growth is that you’re not treating your bicep like other major muscle groups, which causes¬†you to train your biceps differently. The major difference is that you’re not overloading your bicep workouts. I’ve seen way too many people get so obsessed with things like going slowly on the way down or trying to concentrate on turning their pinky up during every one of their¬†reps to the point that they lose sight of the most important things like progressively upping the weight used for bicep curls. For some reason, the biceps are one of those muscles that many people lump into the same category as abs, where the weight load used doesn’t seem to be as important as the weight load used for exercises like squats or bench presses. But I’m here to tell you that the weight that you use for bicep curls has a direct impact on how big your biceps grow, just like it has a direct impact on your abs, your legs, and other muscles throughout your body.

So you absolutely need to focus on increasing the weight load that you’re using on your bicep curling exercises. Most people that are stuck with bicep growth will become satisfied with having 25-pound plates on each side of the ez bar, or doing 35-pound dumbbell curls for 10 reps on each side, but even though hitting these weight loads requires work, effort, and progress, you shouldn’t just stop there and expect your biceps to keep growing especially if you’re a natural. You will have to continually progressively overload your bicep exercises by lifting those heavier and heavier weights if you want your arms to grow. Now it’s easier said than done to just up your weight for bicep curls, but one super simple extremely effective strategy is to always increase the weight when you are near the top of your rep range. So as an example one of my favorite rep ranges for bicep growth and increasing weight load for biceps have always been 6 to 10 reps. When you get to the point where you’re able to complete 9 or 10 reps on your first heavy set of bicep curls, that means you need to up the weight to a point that forces you to fail at an earlier¬†point like 6 or 7 reps. And then your goal should be to train with that heavier weight load until you can do it for 9 or 10 reps again. Then repeat this whole process. So every time¬†you come to that upper limit of your rep range increase the weight,¬†drop your reps, and work those reps back up over the next few weeks.¬†

Another thing that can help with this is mixing up your bicep exercises. A lot of people just do easy-access exercises like standing dumbbell curls or standing barbell curls. And even though these are two of the best bicep exercises available, there are many other exercises that overload and challenge your biceps in a different way and you absolutely should be doing these exercises if you want your biceps to grow. A perfect example is the preacher¬†curl. This exercise is hard, uncomfortable, and requires much less weight to be effective than regular standing bicep culs, but getting stronger at preachur curls will directly translate to boosts in strength on your upright standing curls. And same thing vice versa getting stronger at standing curls will translate to increase strength on preachur curls. And like I said in the very beginning progressively overloading all of these exercises is the number one foolproof thing you can do to ensure consistent bicep growth. So make sure you’re doing more challenging exercises like preachur curls or inclined dumbbell curls. These exercises may require you to lift a lighter weight load than what you can do with the standing bicep exercises but just by applying the same strategy of dropping reps, increasing weight load, building back up your reps, and then repeating you can translate all that strength to all your other bicep exercises. Aside from strength you also have to remember that your biceps have two heads and some exercises emphasize the development of the short head while others emphasize the long head. By doing a variety of exercises over time you’ll ensure you’re building both effectively.¬†¬†
That brings us actually to another mistake a lot of you are making and that’s not starting your arm workouts with fresh biceps when..