3 Tips to Get Bigger Arms Fast

By | May 21, 2023
3 Tips to Get Bigger Arms Fast

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Adding muscle to your arms makes you look stronger, fitter, and more attractive so here are 3 tips to grow bigger arms fast. First, it’s critical that you apply progressive overload. To do this select a weightload that makes you hit failure somewhere between 7 and 10 reps. Once you can do that weight load for 10 reps without failing you need to up the weight. This will cause you to hit failure at a lower rep count like 7 reps. Then work your way back to 10 reps with that heavier weight load and repeat this process over and over again over time. Next, make sure you’re in a calorie surplus by using a macro calculator online and by tracking your calories at first. Make sure you’re getting about .73 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight and the rest of the surplus can be evenly divided between carbs and fats. Finally, you’ll also want to incorporate high-rep supersets to maximize fatigue, especially at the end of your workout. An example is to do heavy barbell curls anywhere from 7 to 10 reps and then immediately follow up with light preacher curls for 20 reps before taking a break and repeating that for 3 sets.